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Welcome to Texel!

Texel, the Ibiza of the north or the "sheep" island. Did you know that twice as many sheep (27,898) as people (13,662) live on Texel. In the spring, tens of thousands of lambs in the meadows provide the optimal spring feeling! When you walk out the back door of the holiday home, you will soon see the first lambs! The soft bleating and their playful behavior makes it a special scene to watch!

Den Hoorn

Bungalow rental van der EL is located in Den Hoorn, the southernmost village on Texel. In Den Hoorn, the forest, dunes and sea are all close by, so there is something for everyone to do. Beautifully blooming bulb fields around the village can be seen in abundance in the spring. The white church on the edge of the village is a characteristic of the island! Did you know that the film Michiel de Ruyter was also partly shot there. Den Hoorn also has an authentic whaler's cottage from the 18th century. View the rich interior from centuries ago with the Zaansblauw front room and the kitchen with the special fireplace . In the village there are several nice restaurants within walking distance, including Het Kompas, Bij Jef, Pannenkoekenhuis Klif 23 and (children's) theater restaurant Klif 12. At camping Loodsmansduin there is a nice playground with swimming pool for young and old. Landgoed De Bonte Belevenis craft center is located just outside the village, with fun recreational activities. The Spar supermarket is within walking distance.

Beach and sea

For beach and sea lovers, Texel has thirty kilometers of beach where everyone can swim, sail, fly a kite and do (kite) surfing. Bird watchers can spend endless time there, because of the enormous numbers of migratory birds, Texel has one of the largest numbers of bird species in the world. At a cycling/walking distance <3 km, you will come across the first beach, paal 9. There is plenty to do here for young and old! A lovely terrace with a view over the dunes and the sea or you can walk a little further to encounter some more action, where water sports experience is offered for Juniors and Adults.


Places of interest on Texel: Ecomare seal sanctuary, the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum, a Georgian cemetery that commemorates the Georgian uprising on 5 and 6 April 1945, the Aviation & War Museum at the airport and the Lighthouse in De Cocksdorp. This lighthouse has been accessible since 2009, but the top of the lighthouse is not accessible. On Texel you can see and do everything. We have already mentioned the first attraction: that is the beach. But there's a lot more you can do here. From relaxing in nature to sporting activities such as cycling , hiking or even skydiving . Whatever your preference, Texel is a wonderful destination for a weekend away or a long holiday all year round.


Experience the real island feeling!

Check out what else there is to do on the Texel website.

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